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St Werburghs Possession Order and Injunction

We’ve brought an application to take possession of the highways in St Werburghs, which was supported by an interim injunction.


We’ve brought this application because of community tensions caused by:

  • unauthorised residence on the highways
  • alleged anti-social behaviour
  • public health issues

These were brought into focus in the first lockdown in March 2020.


An interim injunction was granted to the council by the Court in July 2020. 

This injunction remains in place until 31 December 2021.

Order of the Court

The trial of the possession order and the full injunction has been adjourned by agreement between five identified Defendants and the council.

We attach by way of service on Persons Unknown, the court documents including the injunction, application and the order dated 23 December 2021.

pdf View the application, injunction and the Order of the Court (6.18 MB)

The case is adjourned until the first available date after 1 September 2021 to allow the council and the Defendants time to consider whether other methods are viable and able to resolve the community tensions without the need for enforcement.