How to apply for, change and renew your proxy vote or apply for an emergency proxy.

Proxy voting is when you get someone else to vote on your behalf if you can't get to your polling station on polling day.

A proxy can either vote on your behalf at your polling station in Bristol or by post.  If they want to vote by post they'll have to have a postal proxy. 

Who can apply for a proxy vote

To apply for a proxy vote, both you and your proxy must be registered to vote.

Your proxy can't vote on behalf of more than two people unless they're close relatives.

Apply for a proxy vote

You can apply to vote by proxy for one election, a specific period, or permanently.

Each person requiring a proxy vote must fill in a form.

To apply for a proxy vote for a particular election or referendum.

If you're applying to vote by proxy long term you must complete both sections of the form and provide a signature from someone qualified to support your application

You can apply for a proxy vote long term if you can't get to the polling station because:

Return completed form by scanning or taking a picture of it then filling in our online form:

Apply for a proxy vote

Or return it:

      • by post to Bristol City Council, Electoral Services, 5th Floor, B Bond, Smeaton Road, Bristol, BS1 6XN
      • in person to our Citizen Service Point at 100 Temple Street, Bristol BS1 6AG or B Bond, Smeaton Road, Bristol BS1 6XN

After you've applied

We'll confirm to you and your proxy that your proxy arrangement is in place, there may not be time to do this just before an election.

We'll send a proxy poll card to the person you nominated with details of how to vote.

Your nominated person will have to go to your polling station to vote, not their polling station if that's different, unless they apply to vote by post.

Emergency proxy

If after the proxy vote application deadline for an election you're unable to attend the polling station because of a work or medical emergency you can apply for an emergency proxy so that a nominated person can vote at your polling station on your behalf. 

How to apply for an emergency proxy

In certain circumstances where you have an emergency that means you can't vote in person you can apply for one time emergency proxy.

The emergency must be something you weren't aware of before the normal proxy deadlines.

Forms must be received by 5pm on polling day.

Download and fill in an application form.

Return completed forms:

    • scan and email to Please put the words 'Emergency Proxy' in the subject.
    • by post to: Bristol City Council, Electoral Services, 5th Floor, B Bond, Smeaton Road, Bristol, BS1 6XN

Change your proxy vote

To change your proxy vote for one election you'll need to complete a new  pdf proxy application form (369 KB)

Postal proxy

Your proxy can apply to cast your vote by post. This is known as a postal proxy.

You should first apply to vote by proxy and we'll write to you to confirm this has been set up. 

Your proxy should then apply to vote by post using the postal proxy application form.

Apply for a postal proxy using the  pdf application by proxy to vote by post (69 KB) .

Privacy Notice

Read our privacy statement and our pdf Privacy notice for Electoral Services 2021 (179 KB)   to see what we do with your personal information.