Find out about the allowances councillors get for the time they give to the community and to cover expenses.

The basic allowance of £16,681 is paid to all 70 councillors of Bristol City Council.

Special Responsibility Allowance (SRA)

An SRA is paid only to selected councillors and its amount varies.

Councillors are only eligible for one special responsibility allowance even if they serve in more than one role.

The following councillors receive an SRA to reflect their special responsibilities which are over and above their role as a ward councillor:

  • chairs of policy and other committees
  • party group leaders and party whips
  • Lord Mayor and Deputy Lord Mayor

How the allowance levels are decided

The Members' Remuneration Independent Review Panel looks at the duties and responsibilities of councillors and makes recommendations on the level of allowances it believes councillors should get. 

The panel's recommendations take into account government guidelines, academic research and the allowances paid in comparable cities.

The independent review panel's recommendations are reported to a full council meeting. Councillors decide whether to accept the levels recommended by the independent panel.

What's paid to councillors

We publish the amount that has been paid to councillors in a statement of allowances.

Statements for the last five years:

You can request previous years statements by contacting Democratic Services via:

Reports for the last five years:

To find out more about the latest members' allowances and expenses or the policy that states how much we pay our councillors, read Part 6 of our constitution 

You can request copies of the independent review panel's reports and recommendations by contacting Democratic Services via: