Bristol Eating Better Award Scheme

Bristol Eating Better Award Scheme

A free award scheme publicising food businesses that are taking some action to offer food that is healthier and more environmentally friendly.

Watch chef Lloyd Stoll give tips on eating better, demonstrating how BaxterStorey won their Gold award.

How the scheme can help your business

The scheme gives you guidance on how you can meet the increasing demand for healthier and more environmentally friendly food and save you money.

Research suggests that similar schemes have had a positive impact on businesses.

Businesses will receive an award certificate and window sticker and access to other electronic resources.

You’ll also be published on the award website and promoted elsewhere as opportunities arise.

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Current award holders

See the list of cafes and restaurants that have won a Bristol Eating Better Award by offering healthy food in Bristol:

Bristol Eating Better award holders

Why this is important to Bristol 

With the majority of adults being overweight or obese in Bristol and a real issue with tooth decay in children, this award scheme can help by increasing the availability of healthier food and drink options for everyone, especially as everyone is eating out more. 

In a recent Bristol survey 72%  of respondents said it was important to have healthier options available.  

In 2016 Bristol was awarded Sustainable Food City silver status. It's hoped that this award will help businesses to become more environmentally friendly and help us to achieve gold. 

In the recent Bristol survey over two thirds said they were willing to pay a little more for food which is local and kinder to animals

What the scheme does 

This scheme isn’t about asking you to completely change what you do or sell. 

The scheme is about: 

  • making small changes
  • offering a few alternatives
  • adopting a few subtle techniques to encourage the selection of these alternatives 

Many of the actions will also save you money or help you attract more customers.

Not all actions will suit every business or indeed be applicable to them, but the scheme allows for flexibility. 

A list of all the actions can be found on our summary sheet (spreadsheet, 21KB) (opens new window) but some examples include:

  • providing free drinking water
  • lowering sugar/ salt / saturated fat in some of your products 
  • agreeing not to actively promote unhealthy items 
  • making fruit and/or vegetables an inclusive part of every meal 
  • taking steps to minimise food waste
  • buying fish which isn’t on the endangered list
  • buying locally produced food

The suggested actions in the scheme are all simple, and there’s lots of guidance in the application questionnaire. 

Apply for the scheme

To apply use our online questionnaire. 

You can see a list of the questions on our summary sheet (spreadsheet, 21KB) (opens new window) . The evaluation questions at the end are mandatory, so you may wish to get this information ready beforehand.

You’ll be able to save your application to complete at your convenience.

Select from a range of simple actions that you can take, or are already taking. The more you do, the higher level of award you get. 

There will be actions you can take for any type of food business you have. Whatever kind of food business you have, you will find actions that you can take (and maybe are already doing without realising!).

It’s easy to get on board: doing just 4 actions will get you a ‘Commitment Level’ award.

Who can apply

This scheme is aimed at food business whose main activity involves making food for direct sale to customers, such as restaurants, takeaways, cafes, and coffee shops.

The person filling in the application will need to know about the working practices of your kitchen such as what ingredients and cooking methods are used, and have the authority to make the agreed changes.

You need to be a registered Food Business with Bristol City Council and have a Food Hygiene Rating score of 4 or 5.

You can’t apply if you’re a business that is in an early years or school setting or serving elderly people (for example, a residential home) as these types of business have specific nutritional needs. 

These businesses can however still apply for a Sugar Smart award. See the award booklet (pdf, 5.4MB) (opens new window) for a list of the actions (first objective on Sugar only), and email

After you apply

After you submit your questionnaire, we’ll calculate the results and someone will be in touch with you within one month.

If you’re successful, you’ll be sent an award pack containing a:

  • window sticker
  • certificate, listing all the actions you’re going to take
  • logo to use on your website or elsewhere

You’ll need to put the window sticker and certificate in a prominent position. See the types of stickers you can earn (pdf, 312KB) (opens new window) .

You’ll also be listed on our website and be promoted elsewhere as opportunities arise. 

How long does the award last for?

The award lasts for one year.  Before your award runs out, we’ll send you a reminder email so you can re-apply. We’ll also send you your previous application to check what you previously agreed to.

If you need help

If you’re interested in applying but need more help please email or phone 0117 922 3309. 

Our ability to respond is limited, and businesses will be prioritised.

Keep up to date

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