Places you can call in to get free and confidential advice on health, housing, benefits and family services for the Bristol Gypsy and Traveller community.

Roma support service

For Roma Families in Bristol:
Wednesdays 9am to 4pm St Paul’s Centre’s Centre run a drop-in for Roma families.

Drop-in or contact Jane Dennett at St Paul's Children's Centre Go to For%20Roma%20Families%20in%20Bristol:%20%20Wednesdays%20from%209am%20–%204pm%20St%20Paul’s%20Centre’s%20Centre%20run%20a%20drop-in%20for%20Roma%20families.%20%20Please%20feel%20free%20to%20drop-in%20or%20contact%20Jane%20Dennett%20at%20St%20Paul's%20Children's%20Centre%20Go%20to%20’s%20centres%20can%20help%20with:%20• support%20and%20advice%20on%20where%20you%20live%20• applying%20for%20a%20school%20place%20and%20home%20education%20• family%20support%20and%20learning%20• benefits%20support%20• filling%20in%20forms%20• support%20for%20families%20who%20have%20a%20family%20member%20in%20prison%20• health%20and%20wellbeing%20support%20and%20advice%20• activities%20for%20children,%20young%20people%20and%20families%20• support%20for%20young%20people%20caring%20for%20family%20members%20• support%20for%20families%20facing%20discrimination%20or%20racial%20harassment%20• sign%20posting%20to%20other%20organisations%20that%20can%20give%20information%20and%20advice%20Phone%20South%20Bristol%20Children’’s%20Centre%20information%20around%20groups,%20services%20or%20general%20advice%20use:%20Facebook-%20–%20– (opens new window) 
call 0117 903 0337
email: Go to (opens new window) 

Bristol Gypsy and Traveller support

Support is free and confidential. Children’s centres can help with:

  • support and advice on where you live
  • applying for a school place and home education
  • family support and learning
  • benefits support
  • filling in forms
  • support for families who have a family member in prison
  • health and wellbeing support and advice
  • activities for children, young people and families
  • support for young people caring for family members
  • support for families facing discrimination or racial harassment
  • sign posting to other organisations that can give information and advice

Call South Bristol Children’s Centre Hub 0117 374 6362 to self-refer for family support or email

For all other Children’s Centre information around groups, services or general advice: