Sleeping rough

Find out what to do if you’re sleeping rough and need to find somewhere to live

If you need somewhere to stay

The Outreach Team run by St Mungo's may be able to help find you somewhere to live.

Contact the Outreach Team

Telephone: 0117 944 0581

Address: Compass Centre, Jamaica Street, Kingsdown, Bristol BS2 8JP

Find out more on the St Mungo's website.

If you need health advice or drug treatment

There is a health service in Bristol for homeless people. Services you can get there are:

  • GP surgery which specialises in health care for homeless people
  • supervised methadone prescribing
  • confidential advice and support.

Services are based at The Compass Centre on Jamaica Street, Bristol. They also run clinics at various places around the city including The Wild Goose Cafe, One25, Logos House and Longhills.

Get an appointment

Telephone: 0117 989 2450

Find out more on the Compass Health Bristol website.

If you’re looking for work

The Pathways to Employment service co-ordinates training, education and job opportunities for people who have been homeless. They also run a range of courses for people to improve their skills.

Call the Pathways to Employment service on 0117 944 0581.