Central library: services for disabled people

Information about accessible services and tools in Central Library.


Disabledgo.com have a detailed access guide on Central library facilities, resources and parking.

We also have the following facilities:

  • low level counter at all desks
  • magnifying glass at all desks
  • tactile signposting in main areas


Email: lending.library@bristol.gov.uk 

TexBox: textphone 0117 357 4444 and choose Central Library.

TexBox transfers your call to a library staff member, who speaks to you via a computer in real time.

Computer use

You can find the following items in the Disability Resource Centre on the first floor:

  • wheelchair accessible computer desks
  • headphones to use free of charge with the computers
  • large screen computer monitors

We also have a desktop magnifier monitor that magnifies print or objects onto a viewer in the reference library