Stoke Park accessible path

Stoke Park accessible path

Why we want to upgrade a path in Stoke Park, the outcome of the public consultation and what we'll do next.

What we’re doing 

We want to improve an existing historic path in Stoke Park. The path would connect Lockleaze with Jellicoe Avenue at the eastern edge of the park. 

Why we want to improve the path

The all-weather path would:

  • be more accessible so that more people can easily use the park, such as cyclists and those with mobility scooters or pushchairs
  • give better access to the park for people living in the new housing being built in the area

Public consultation response report

In October 2018 we consulted to get feedback on the path we’re proposing. We wanted to know:

  • if you liked the idea of upgrading the path
  • what you think about the different parts of the path’s design.
  • what else could also be improved, such as signs and lighting and seating.

The Travel West website has information about:

  • the results of the consultation
  • a report of our response to the consultation
  • our design review
  • what we’ll do next
  • site surveys we’ll do before any work starts
  • how this work is being funded