Information on the improvement works at Stoke Park, volunteering and how to keep informed about the works.

We've been making improvements to Stoke Park since 2018.

Stoke Park is a Grade II registered park and garden. We've been working to protect the historic landscape and improve the ecological benefits for the environment.

The restoration works

So far, we've:

  • restored the open parkland character
  • restored the species rich grassland
  • planted trees and hedgerow
  • established a new orchard
  • installed fencing, gates and other infrastructure to allow grazing
  • introduced grazing by cattle and goats
  • installed drainage under the M32 tunnel
  • repaired historic walls
  • stabilised the remains of the Tomb of the Horatii
  • created an accessible all-weather path
  • started work to clear and restore 3 ponds

The Tomb of the Horatii

The replica of the Tomb of the Horatii was built in Stoke Park by Thomas Wright, a leading landscape gardener in the 1700s. Stoke Park's tomb was based on an ancient mausoleum that was built at Albano near Rome. It was built in honour of a legendary battle between the Roman Horatii triplets and their Alban counterparts, the Curiatii. Most of the Tomb has now fallen down but the foundations remain. We've stabilised these remains as part of the restoration work.

Find a map of the location of the remains.

Stoke Park accessible path

Stoke Park's accessible all-weather path was opened in September 2022. It connects Lockleaze with Jellicoe Avenue at the eastern edge of the park.

Map of Stoke Park map showing the with accessible path which connects Lockleaze with Jellicoe Avenue at the eastern edge of the park

pdf View a map showing the new path (460 KB) .

The all-weather path makes it easier for people to access the park, including cyclists and those with mobility scooters or pushchairs. It also gives better access to the park for people living in the new housing in the area.

Stoke Park ponds restoration project

We've got funding to restore 3 ponds in the Stoke Park Estate to improve the habitat for great crested newts and other wildlife. Two of these ponds are historic cobble lined ponds.

 Map of Stoke Park pond restoration area

Work will start early 2023. At least one of the ponds will be completed in time for the great crested newts breeding season in spring. Work will be carried out by trained volunteers and overseen by the Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group (FWAG) who hold the licence for this protected species. We'll update on our progress here.

Restoration funding

The Stoke Park restoration works have been funded by:


If you'd like to help with restoration projects at Stoke Park visit our parks volunteering page.