Beira and Bristol

Beira and Bristol

The Bristol Link with Beira (BLB) is a project of Southern Africa Resources Centre (Charity Number 1000003). 

BLB has set up people-to-people networks between the cities of Bristol and Beira to empower and benefit local communities and to generate links and learning between the two cities.

Bristol and Beira cyclone support

Beira has always suffered from coastal erosion and annual flooding. In 2000, Cyclone Eline caused severe flooding in Beira, damaging buildings, roads and livelihoods. In 2019 Cyclone Idai destroyed 90% of the city, around 600 people died and most of the residents were displaced. 

The City of Bristol raised over £25k in response to supporting the rebuilding of the City of Beira. 

Bristol Link with Beira was then able to buy water filtration kits to send to the most vulnerable. BLB also construction materials, used by Team Rubicon UK to install a water supply to a school, reroof classrooms, and restore a community centre. 

University placements in Beira

The link between the two cities provides opportunities for Bristol University Student placements in Beira to improve on their Portuguese language skills.

Students experience the social and cultural richness of Beira whilst also volunteering within our twinned schools and with our Partner organisation ADEL on the ground. 

Annual charity wine action

The BLB helps to organise an annual charity wine action in May in partnership with:

  • Comanderie Des Vins de Bordeaux
  • Bordeaux International Business School Students at the Clifton Club

This has raised approximately £20,000 over the last 3 years and which is shared equally between BLB and a Bordeaux nominated children’s cancer charity.

Cultural support

The BLB promotes Mozambican culture and the Bristol Afrika Eye Film festival’s opening film in 2016 was Mozambique’s first-ever Oscar foreign-language film entry. 

Train of Salt and Sugar, by Licinio Azevedo  is a Portugese language film about an epic tale of danger and endurance on an arduous cross-country journey. This Portuguese language film shows that journey for a group of travellers.

This represents a promising award season debut for Mozambique’s emerging national cinema.


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