Hannover and Bristol

Hannover and Bristol

The Bristol-Hannover Council (BHC) is the twinning association which helps manage a range of initiatives between the two cities.

The BHC has its own registered charity (No. 279212). It works closely with its partner, the Hannover-Bristol Gesellschaft.

Did you know ...

  • The BHC organises a special Rosenmontag party each year and this year a group from the Hannah Arendt FE college took part during their exchange with SGS college in Filton.
  • The BHC has invited an urban artist and yarnbomber Mansha from Hannover to take part in this years Upfest in the summer.
  • BHC is supporting the Cube microplex cinema in its exchange with the Kino am Sprengel cinema in Hannover


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