Oporto and Bristol

Oporto and Bristol


The Bristol-Oporto Association (BOA) manages the twinning and has its own registered charity (Bristol Oporto Foundation, number 1027186). They work closely with counterparts, the Associacao Porto-Bristol. The BOA meets regularly and produces the “Diario” newsletter two or three times a year.

Did you know ...

  • Every two years a citizens visit to Oporto is organised to maintain close links with counterparts.
  • The BOA funded the participation of Sphiza,  an urban artist from Oporto, in the Bristol Urban Paint festival.
  • The BOA also funded the participation of two photographers from Oporto, Catarina and Ivo, in the 24 Hours in Bristol competition


Ms Liz Gamlin
BOA chairperson
email: studytours@aol.com

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Bristol Oporto Association website

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Bristol International Twinnnings Association

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