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Bordeaux and Bristol

Bristol and Bordeaux have been twinned since 1947.

Hannover and Bristol

The Bristol-Hannover Council (BHC) is the twinning association which helps manage a range of initiatives between the two cities.

Oporto and Bristol

The Bristol Oporto Association (BOA) has an active membership and runs an ongoing social programme.

Tbilisi and Bristol

The twinning between Tbilisi and Bristol was established in 1988.

Puerto Morazan and Bristol

Bristol Link with Nicaragua (BLINC) is the voluntary association which set up and develops the link with Puerto Morazan.

Beira and Bristol

The Bristol Link with Beira (BLB) is a project of Southern Africa Resources Centre (Charity Number 1000003).

Guangzhou and Bristol

The West of England China Bureau (WoECB) works generously to connect the people of Bristol and the South West of England with the people of China and in particular Bristol’s Sister City Guangzhou in Southern China.