Apply for a Blue Badge

Apply for a Blue Badge

You can apply for a Blue Badge for yourself, someone else or your organisation.

Apply online

Get Blue Badge

on the GOV.UK website

Cost of Blue Badge

The cost of a Blue badge is £10.00. You'll only be charged for this if your application is approved.

Your application will be assessed by us and you will be notified of the outcome.

If your application is successful you'll be contacted for payment. This assessment should take no more than a maximum of 8 weeks.

Third party

You don't need to use a third party to apply for a blue badge. There is no charge to apply online and you should not need assistance from anyone unknown to you.

Blue Badges for organisations

If you think your organisation may qualify for an organisational badge, you can apply for one on our Blue Badges for organisations page.

Blue Badge queries

Fill in our  Blue Badge contact form if you  have a query about your Blue Badge.