Grants for voluntary and community organisations

New Bristol Impact Fund grants process is open

We’ve changed the way we give grants to voluntary and community sector organisations. Our new grant application process opened on  Thursday 1 September 2016. 

The VCS Grants Prospectus is a guide to this new way of making grants.

VCS Grants Prospectus full colour version (pdf, 2.9MB) (opens new window)

VCS Grants Prospectus printer friendly version (pdf, 484k) (opens new window)

You should read the VCS Grants Prospectus if you’re planning to apply for a grant as it tells you what information we need from you.

Small Grants

The small grant application is a 3-step process:

Step 1: download the small grant form (word doc, 256k) (opens new window) to tell us that you're interested in applying

Step 2: We'll invite you to come and tell us what you want to apply for.  After this meeting we'll send you a feedback form (pdf, 160k) (opens new window) and scoring (pdf, 144k) (opens new window)

Step 3: if we're interested in finding out more, we'll ask you to complete and return an  Application form (pdf, 304k) (opens new window)

Application deadline

The deadline for return of the small grant Step 1 form is Monday 26 September 2016.


Medium and Large grants

For medium and large grants the deadline is Monday 7 November 2016. 

How to submit your medium or large grant application

Step 1: Read our prospectus

Step 2: Register on ProContract

You must register your organisation on the ProContract system if you want  to apply for a medium or large grant, under the category ‘Provision of Services to the Community’.  

You should also include whatever other codes are relevant for your organisation so that you can be made aware of other opportunities that may be of interest to you when they arise.

We use an electronic system to manage this Bristol Impact Fund grants round and to communicate with applicants.  There’ll be no hard copy documents issued to applicants and all communications with us about the grants, including the submission of applications, will be through ProContract.

There are video tutorials on the ProContract Help Centre that you can use to help you use the system.

For support or advice, see Voscur’s website or contact the Grants Team.

Step 3: Complete all parts of the application form.

Information and support

Voscur has helpful information about the VCS Grants Prospectus and applying for a grant from the Bristol Impact Fund on their website.

Further Information

We held three information sessions about the Bristol Impact Fund in September 2016.

The two presentations and the questions asked and answers given at these three events are available below:

Other useful information is also available below: