Information about the Bristol Impact Fund, the Community Resilience Fund and funding for local projects from Community Infrastructure Levy.

The Bristol Impact Fund

The Bristol Impact Fund is a collective of 8 of the council's grant funds that aims to tackle inequality.

The Bristol Impact Fund 2 - Small Grants fund will open for new applications on Friday 30 June 2023.

People's Voice project

The People's Voice project is part of the Bristol Impact Fund.

At the moment there is no organisation in Bristol for disabled people with learning difficulties (traditionally known as people with learning difficulties and disabilities) which is led by disabled people with learning difficulties .

The Bristol Impact Fund set aside some of its money to fund some research to find out if disabled people with learning difficulties wanted their own organisation.

Read pdf more about the People's Voice project (463 KB) .

You can pdf submit your interest by using this Expression of Interest form (345 KB) .

The Community Resilience Fund

Applications for funding closed in October 2022. Find out which projects reveived funding.

Funding for local projects from Community Infrastructure Levy

Funding is available each year from the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL), paid by developers to be spent on community projects in the local area where their development is happening.

Local councillors allocate the funds through their area committees to support local priority projects, such as improving community centres or parks.

Find out more on Funding for local projects.