Register a new address

Register a new address

When you need to apply for a new property number and address, how to apply and how to make a change to a property address

We're responsible for all property numbering and street naming within Bristol.

Apply for a new property number and address

You'll need to apply for a property number and address if you:

To apply for a street name or property number, you'll need to:

You consent for us to continue holding your contact details
Personal or business contact details you provide for Street Naming and Numbering will be used by Bristol City Council for correspondence between Bristol City Council and yourself to help us administer your case.
By filling out a Street Naming and Numbering application form you consent to your information being used for this purpose.

Once we receive your application and payment

We’ll contact you to advise of any fee payable after we have assessed your application.

An invoice will be sent after the new address has been confirmed. The invoice will contain payment instructions.


Although we have powers to name streets and number properties, the postcode is the responsibility of Royal Mail.  We will notify Royal Mail of all new or amended addresses and request the postcode.

Royal Mail only show “live” addresses in their Postcode Address File (PAF) on their website.  New builds are held on a Not Yet Built file (NYB) until occupied.

Any queries regarding postcodes or mail delivery must be directed to Royal Mail website or Royal Mail customer services.

Road Adoption

An adopted road is maintained at public expense. In normal circumstances, the city council will adopt new carriageway areas that serve five or more properties and remote footways/cycleways connecting one highway to another.

If you are a developer interested in dedicating a new road to the city council for adoption, please visit our Road Adoption page.


  • creation of a new street name: £212 per street name
  • creation of an address for a new block of flats or a conversion to flats: £53 per address
  • creation of an address for a new built house or housing development: £53 per address
  • creation of a new address for a non-residential property: £64 per address
  • amendment to registered address: £22
  • for official enquiries relating to property, land and the highway from solicitors or search agents, or official letters confirming an address: £53 per hour.

The charges above are applied on a not for profit basis, and in line with other local authorities. We don't charge for basic enquiries.

Make a change to a property address

Use our online form to ask us to:

  • add a name to a property that has a number
  • change the name of a property
  • make a different change to an address

If you add a name to a property that has a number, Royal Mail will still use the number in the postal address. This is because they need to use the number to locate the property. If you ask for a major change such as changing the street, Royal Mail might also give your property a new postcode.

A property name must not:

  • be offensive
  • cause confusion, for example if it’s similar to the name of another property on the street

You can only apply to change a property address if you:

  • own the property, for residential properties
  • have authority or permission to do so, for business properties


It costs £22 to make a change to an address. We’ll send you an invoice after you apply. 

Apply to make a change to an address

After you apply

We'll tell you whether we approved your application within 15 working days.

If we approve your application, we'll:

  • send you an invoice and tell you how to pay the £22 charge
  • tell Royal Mail about the change to your address
  • confirm your new address by email

When Royal Mail tell us they've updated your address on their database, we'll tell:

  • other council departments, including the electoral register
  • the Gloucester Land Registry
  • the Valuation Office Agency
  • emergency services
  • Ordnance Survey
  • the National Land and Property Gazetteer
  • Bristol Water
  • BT Openreach

If we don't approve your application we may:

  • ask you for more information
  • suggest an alternative change to the one you applied for
  • refuse the change: we'll email you to tell you why. You’ll be able to apply for a different change to an address if we refuse the change you requested.