Register a new address

Register a new address

Apply for property numbers or street names for new flats, houses or streets.

You must apply for new property addresses if you:

  • build new houses or block of flats
  • convert an existing property into flats
  • are creating streets on a new build site

The new address must meet the guidelines in our street naming and property numbering policy (pdf, 125KB) (opens new window) .

To apply you’ll need the:

  • planning application or building control number
  • location plan
  • development plan

If you’re building or developing flats, you must also complete a plot to postal schedule (spreadsheet, 12KB) (opens new window) .


Costs for new addresses:

  • street name: £220
  • block of flats or a conversion to flats: £55 per individual address
  • house or housing development: £55 per individual address
  • non-residential property: £67

We charge £55 per hour to answer official enquiries or letters relating to property, land and the highway from solicitors or search agents.

Apply for a new property address

After you apply


  • look at your application within 15 working days
  • tell you if the address is ok or if you need to make any changes
  • confirm the cost

We might also ask you for more information.

When we’ve agreed the new address, we’ll give the details to the Royal Mail, so they can add the address to their database and issue the postcode.

When the Royal Mail has issued the postcode, we’ll email you:

  • to confirm the new address
  • our invoice, with details of how to pay

We’ll also give the new address to:

  • other council departments, including the electoral register
  • the Gloucester Land Registry
  • the Valuation Office Agency
  • emergency services
  • Ordnance Survey
  • the National Land and Property Gazatteer
  • Bristol Water
  • BT Openreach

Setting up services to the new address

If your properties are still under construction when they’re registered with the Royal Mail, they’ll be added to the Not Yet Built (NYB) list. Utility and service companies should still be able to see them on their address database. If not, contact the Royal Mail.

When the property is ready to receive post, fill in the Royal Mail’s activate a new property form.

Queries about a new postcode or mail delivery

If you have any queries about a new postcode or mail delivery, contact the Royal Mail.