Policies, plans and strategies

Arts and culture

The role of arts and culture in the city

Devolution and The West of England Combined Authority

Find out what the devolution deal is and register to have your say on it.

Education and schools policies

Policies for schools about managing finances, school travel plans and education outside the school

Energy and environment

How we're improving the local environment and helping to protect it for the future, including Green Capital

Food and catering: buying standards and commitments

Information on the buying standards and commitments for food and catering in the public sector.

Bristol Global City

Our international strategy, our global ambitions, and how we’re planning to achieve them

Housing schemes, policies and plans

Policies, procedures and information on the housing department

Parking policies and reports

Information on our parking in the city centre, including our annual parking reports

Bristol Resilience Strategy

The Bristol Resilience Strategy provides a framework for action to protect the city against potential shocks and stresses it may encounter in the future.

Safer Bristol

What is the Safer Bristol Partnership and who are its members.

Social care and health plans and policies

Policies for social care and health including the care act, Bristol safeguarding and the carers strategy

Women's Commission

The purpose of Bristol's Women's Commission and its members.