Bristol Transport Strategy

Bristol Transport Strategy

Information about the Bristol Transport Strategy

The Bristol Transport Strategy (pdf, 8.7MB) (opens new window) was adopted in July 2019, after a public consultation in autumn 2018.

Our vision for Bristol is to be a well-connected city that enables people to move around efficiently with increased transport options that are accessible and inclusive to all. 

The Bristol Transport Strategy sets out how we’ll:

  • improve transport to meet increased demand from the growth in housing, jobs and regeneration
  • create an inclusive transport system that provides realistic transport options for everyone
  • create healthy places that promote active transport, improve air quality and improve road safety
  • make better use of our streets to enable more efficient journeys 
  • enable more reliable journeys by minimising the negative impact of congestion
  • support sustainable growth by enabling efficient movement of people and goods, reducing carbon emissions and embracing new technology