Children in and leaving care: plans and policies

Children in and leaving care: plans and policies

Find out about corporate parenting, and our plans and strategy for the care of children and young people

Corporate parenting

Corporate Parenting is the term used to describe our collective responsibility to be a good parent and ensure the best outcomes for the children in and leaving our care. It means caring about children, not just for them, and offering the same standards as any other parent.

Our EPIC Plan for Children in Care and Care Leavers

Our corporate parenting strategy  (pdf, 834KB) (opens new window) describes our approach to improving the lives of the children in our care. It explains how we intend to achieve our goals and the governance in place to make sure that happens.

Our pledge

Our pledge is a promise made by Bristol City Council and the Children and Families Partnership to all children in care and care leavers. We have a responsibility to make sure that children in and leaving our care are safe, healthy and achieving their goals. Our pledge spells out how we promise to do that.

Find out more about our pledge (pdf, 652KB) (opens new window)

Our local offer for care leavers

Our local offer for care leavers (pdf, 305KB) (opens new window) includes information about the services and support available for care leavers in Bristol. 

Bristol has signed up to the Care Leavers Charter. The charter includes promises and principles that continue to guide the development of Our Local Offer for Care Leavers.