What to do if you're sleeping rough and need to find somewhere to live or if you see someone sleeping rough

If you're sleeping rough

The Caring Handbook

The Caring Handbook Go to https://caringinbristol.co.uk/project/caring-handbook/ (opens new window) can help you find information and practical advice if you're experiencing homelessness or hardship.

If you need somewhere to stay

The Outreach Team run by St Mungo's may be able to help find you somewhere to stay.

We fund St Mungo's Rough Sleeper Service. They'll talk to you and take time to understand your needs, which will allow them to offer you the support you need to move away from rough sleeping, whatever your circumstances.

Email: bristolspot@mungos.org
Phone: 0117 407 0330, Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm

You can also leave a message and they'll get back to you the next working day.

If you're aged 16 to 21

Contact Bristol Youth Maps on:

They'll help return to live at home if it's safe and leave home only in a planned way.

If you need health advice or drug treatment

You can find information on our Medical help if you're homeless  page.

Tell us about someone sleeping rough

If you see someone sleeping rough it'll help if you can tell us:

  • what clothes they're wearing
  • any distinguishing features that could help us identify them
  • where you saw them

There's no need to approach someone you don't know to ask them about their situation.

Contact Streetlink to help someone sleeping rough

Contact StreetLink Go to https://thestreetlink.org.uk/ (opens new window).

After you tell us

StreetLink sends details of the person to our local support service, St Mungo's Broadway Go to https://www.mungos.org/homelessness/ (opens new window), who will help them find somewhere to stay and give support. We fund St Mungo's Broadway to do this.

When you tell us, you can also ask StreetLink to let you know what happens as a result of your report.

Who you should tell us about

Tell us about anyone you see sleeping rough.

People you've seen sleeping rough for a long time

Some people have a long history of rough sleeping, are known to local services and may need longer term support to help them leave the streets. This can include people who suffer with mental health problems or who can't access services in the area in which they're sleeping rough.

You should still tell StreetLink if you're concerned about someone. Though it may take longer for you to notice anything changing, your report will make sure they are known to homeless services.

People drinking or begging

Some people who look as if they're sleeping rough may be drinking or begging, but in fact have somewhere to stay.

It's always better to get in touch about someone you think may be rough sleeping. Streetlink can find out if they need somewhere to stay or support from other services.

Tell people about StreetLink

The more people know about StreetLink, the greater the chance people sleeping rough will be found and helped. You can make a difference by helping to spread the word.

If you have concerns about someone's health

If you are concerned about someone rough sleeping who appears unwell or to be in medical need call emergency services on 999 or advise the person to attend a hospital A&E, Walk in or minor injuries unit at the nearest hospital if they are able to make their own way there.

Spread the word using social media

You can follow and share content from StreetLink on their official Facebook page Go to https://en-gb.facebook.com/TellStreetLink/ (opens new window) , and also on StreetLink (@StreetLink_) / X (twitter.com).

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