Information on the clerk's role as the administrator for the school's governing body.

The documents here give detailed guidance to different aspects of the clerk's role. There are also templates to use for various forms.

The clerk has three key roles:

  • giving administrative support to the governing body: arranging meetings, maintaining attendance records, and so on
  • acting as a point of contact: taking minutes, keeping governors informed, telling the local authority when governors change
  • offering advice on correct procedures and processes

The pdf clerk's job description (105 KB)  explains the role's responsibilities in more detail.

Run a governing body effectively

Here are a few pointers for doing a good job as a clerk and some useful templates. You can find full details of the clerk's role in the DFE Governance Handbook.

Tell the Governor Development Service when governors change

Use these forms to tell the Government Development Service when governors are appointed, resign or change address. They can be emailed or posted.


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