What we do to keep roads and pavements clear in the winter and find your nearest grit bin.

We maintain all public roads in Bristol, except motorways and the A4 Bristol Broadway, Avonmouth. These are looked after by the Highways Agency Go to https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/highways-england (opens new window).

Road gritting and snow clearance

From October to April, our Winter Service Team use weather forecasts and road conditions to decide if any gritting or snow clearance is needed. The Bristol Waste Company carries out these road treatments.

Gritting (salting)
We use rock salt to grit roads to stop ice and snow settling. We also use it to clear ice and snow. We grit major roads and roads around hospitals and emergency services first.

Gritting routes map

Snow clearance
We'll use a snow plough to clear roads where the snow is over 5cm deep.

Road closure
If a road is unsafe because of ice or snow, it can be closed by us or the emergency services.

Grit bins

There are 750 grit bins around Bristol. Anyone can use this grit. You'll need to use your own shovel.



We don't grit pavements before ice or snow has settled. However, we'll clear some pavements during snowfall that lasts more than three or four days. We'll start with busy areas and pavements around care homes, health centres, schools and hospitals.

You can also volunteer to be a Snow Warden and help clear snow from footpaths, spread grit and check on vulnerable neighbours.

Cycle paths

We don't grit cycle paths before ice or snow has settled. However, we'll grit the Bath to Bristol and Castle park cycle paths when necessary and we have the resources to do so.