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What we've done, access and alternatives routes.

In August 2020 we introduced traffic priorities to restrict general through-traffic on:

  • Bristol Bridge, from all directions
  • Baldwin Street, between St Augustine's Parade and Marsh Street
  • Baldwin Street to High Street, in both directions
  • Union Street, left turn onto Rupert Street

This changed how private vehicles can access the area.

See these changes on our pdf Bristol Bridge and Baldwin Street vehicle access map (392 KB)  and our pdf access map for vehicles over 7.5 tonnes (266 KB) .

What we did

We installed camera enforced bus gates on Bristol Bridge and at the entrance of Baldwin Street from the city centre to give priority to:

  • buses
  • solo motorcycles
  • taxis
  • cycles

These changes are part of our Bristol Transport Strategy and aim to help meet air quality and 2030 climate goals.


General access is maintained via:

  • Redcliff Bridge
  • Queen Charlotte Street (including NCP car park)
  • Marsh Street
  • Broad Weir
  • Newgate (including Galleries car park)
  • Wine Street
  • Lower Castle Street
  • Redcliff Street
  • Victoria Street and Counterslip

Access for all disabled parking and loading bays on Union Street, Horsefair and Penn Street remain.

Alternative routes

The main alternative routes are via Temple Way, Bond Street and Rupert Street.

These previous restrictions were suspended so general traffic can use these routes:

  • suspension of prohibition of driving on The Horsefair and Penn Street to allow for access only
  • suspension of bus lane and prohibition of entry eastbound on Newgate, on the edge of Castle Park, to provide access in and out of the Old City and Broadmead

Permanent scheme

We brought in these changes using an experimental traffic regulation order (ETRO).

Following six months of public consultation, a traffic regulation order to make the scheme permanent was processed and the scheme went live in 2021.