Training and support

Training and support for school governors

Has your school subscribed for governor development and training?

Subscription to our services entitles governors, clerks and headteachers to the following:

  • Helpline for all matters of governance eg term time, office hours
  • Copies of the monthly bulletin sent to the chair, clerk and headteacher at the appropriate address
  • Access to governance related policies, on request
  • Free places at the annual governors conference
  • Free places on centrally based courses and networking sessions
  • Reduced rate for school based training and/or consultancy

If your school does not subscribe to our service, please see our entry in the online Trading With Schools brochure for further details of our service and scale of charges.

Do you know whether your governing body has subscribed?

For further details contact the Governor Development Service on 0117 903 1396.

Please note: important information

Your commitment to us:

If, for any reason, you are unable to attend a training session you have booked please let the Governor Development Service know as soon as possible so that you place can be cancelled. Non-attendance without prior notice will mean your school incurs a £30 charge. Non-attendance will be recorded by the course register, so please make sure you sign the register at all the courses you attend.

Our commitment to you:

We make every effort to go ahead with training sessions, however when places are cancelled or bookings are low it is impractical to run a course for a very small group. In these cases we reserve discretion to withdraw the course and either offer an alternative time or venue, or endeavour to provide the guidance or support you need through another route.