The quality of life in Bristol

The quality of life in Bristol

What the Bristol Quality of Life survey is, the latest data from the 2020/21 survey and results of previous surveys

The Quality of Life (QoL) survey provides an annual snapshot of the quality of life in Bristol.

Quality of Life survey 2020

The Quality of Life 2020/21 Priority Indicators report (pdf, 481KB) (opens new window) is now  available.  

The report includes 50 headline measures of the lived experiences for people in Bristol. The measures show how these have changed over time, and how experiences differ in the most deprived areas.  

Full results will be published in March 2021, with a dashboard of 200 indicators.The indicators will include data by ward, equality groups and areas of deprivation.

Bristol’s Quality of Life survey

The Quality of Live survey gives local residents an opportunity to voice their opinions about issues close to their hearts and their views on local public services. It has been an annual survey since 2001, but does change over time.  The statistics are analysed to a ward level and also equality groups such as age, sex and ethnicity.

The results are used by the council, health service and other public sector partners to help plan local services, track change and improve the quality of life in Bristol. The survey is the council's main tool for providing neighbourhood level statistics and public perception information.

The quality of life results cover topics such as:

  • health
  • lifestyles
  • community
  • local services
  • public perception about living in Bristol

Quality of Life survey 2019/20

The Quality of Life 2019/20 final (pdf, 645KB) (opens new window)report  includes 50 headline measures plus a supplementary document on results for equality groups and wards for these, and analysis of changes people want to see in Bristol.

The Quality of Life 2019/20 data dashboard (Open Data Bristol) has the full 200 Quality of Life indicators, including:

  • data by ward
  • equality groups
  • areas of deprivation for all indicators (where possible)

The raw data is available via the red 'access to data' buttons in the dashboard, along with more information on the questions and how the indicators are calculated.

Previous Quality of Life results

Download the Quality of Life 2018/19 report (pdf, 509KB) (opens new window) (pdf, 509KB) (opens new window)  , as well as the full Quality of Life 2018/19 data results in Open Data Bristol.

There are over 200 indicators, with most data available by ward, equality group and areas of deprivation.  

The Quality of Life statistics for 2005 to 2017 are also still available: