Find out about playing out on your street

Find out about playing out on your street

Playing out lets residents close a street so children can play without the danger and inconvenience of traffic going through.

Apply for a Temporary Play Street Order: TPSO

To apply for playing out on your street, you need a Temporary Play Street Order: TPSO.

You can apply to shut your street as often as once a week for up to three hours.

You need to apply at least six weeks before your first playing out session.


You’ll need to send us:

  • your application form
  • a street plan of your event 
  • the dates and times that you would like your street closed
  • a copy of your resident and business consultation letter, you can find a template in the form

Residents must be allowed access by vehicle at all times.

Your TPSO is valid for 12 months from the start date.

Make an objection

If you have an objection or comment about playing out in your street, first of all speak to the person who sent the residents’ consultation letter.

If your concerns aren't resolved, call Jack Terry on 0117 903 6857 or email

We update our street play road closures report (pdf, 38KB) (opens new window) every Monday and Thursday.

Help to organise your event

The Playing Out website has more information on how to organise your playing out events.