For social care providers

Site Map

Coronavirus: information for adult care providers

Where to find guidance, who adult care providers should contact about COVID-19

Key information for social care providers

Key information for providers of adult social care services and support, and preventative services.

Opportunities to tender

The Adult Social Care services that are open to tender, how to bid as a provider and the support we can give you.

Contracts for voluntary organisations providing social care services

Information for social care providers about our Service Agreements, important documents to download and links to other relevant websites.

Market position statements

This is our overarching Market Position Statement and includes our Vision, Approaches and how we will work with Providers.

Home care recommissioning

Information about the re-design of home care services and how they are being provided.

Residential and nursing care home provision

How to submit a tender for residential and nursing care homes

Market Sustainability and Fair Cost of Care Fund

What the Market Sustainability and Fair Cost of Care Fund is, why it’s important, how we’ll support you, information we’ll collect, national tools.