Voting and elections

Voting and elections

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Referendum on how Bristol City Council is run

Voting at the referendum, guidance for campaigners, results.

Register to vote

How to register, special arrangements for registering to vote and what happens after you've registered.

Postal voting

How to apply for, cancel and renew your postal vote.

Proxy voting

How to apply for, change and renew your proxy vote or apply for an emergency proxy.

Electoral register

Information about the electoral register, how to change your details and opt out of the open register.

Apply to work at elections

How to apply to work at elections, eligibility and rates of pay.

Publication of Verification Number

View the publication of verification number for this year.

Find your ward

A ward is your local area for voting purposes. Your ward area will depend on where you live.

Polling stations

Find your polling station.

Types of election and election results

The different types of election, when they’re happening and election results for Bristol.

Local elections Thursday 6 May 2021

What elections took place, information for voters and candidates, resources for community groups and political parties.

Polling district review 2019

What the polling district review is, why we need to do it, when we’ll publish the results.

Review of parliamentary constituency boundaries in England

What the review is, when it’s happening, how to respond to the proposals.