Types of short breaks

Types of short breaks

The three types of short breaks for children and young people with SEND

Children, young people and their families have different levels of need, and these needs may change over time. We organise short breaks into three services by the  levels of need:

  1. universal
  2. targeted 
  3. specialist

1. Universal Services

Universal services are for all children, young people and their families with or without SEND.

They include:

  • play schemes
  • holiday activities
  • after school clubs
  • youth clubs
  • beavers and scouts
  • brownies and guides
  • libraries
  • playgrounds and parks

2.    Targeted services

These are for disabled children and young people who need:

  • extra support 
  • groups or services that are specifically designed 

You can attend these without referral if you meet the criteria that the provider has. You may also be referred to a targeted service by a professional.
They include:

  • Saturday clubs
  • sports, leisure and youth clubs
  • buddying and befriending
  • holiday activities

3.    Specialist services

These are for disabled children when their social care assessment shows that they:

  • have severe and complex needs
  • need extra support to access a special special range of activities based on the child or young person’s needs
  • are a priority for safeguarding reasons

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