Where to get care and support if you are pregnant or have recently had a baby

Support if you're pregnant

If you think you may be pregnant call a midwife who will:

  • give care and advice in pregnancy
  • look after you and your baby once your baby is born, this is called antenatal care, you get free antenatal care during your pregnancy. See the NHS pregnancy and baby guide.

Call: 0117 342 5241 or 0117 342 5758 for local midwife support or contact a doctor to find your nearest maternity service.

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Urgent midwife services

If you need to see a midwife urgently call 999

If you're depressed after having a baby

If you feel depressed after having your baby, you may have postnatal depression, often called the baby blues or bad nerves. Call a midwife, health visitor, GP or A&E services. Post natal depression can be serious and you need to get help.

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