Small electrical items recycling

Small electrical items recycling

All electrical items small enough to be put in a supermarket carrier bag can be left in a bag next to your black recycling box.

Items with plugs or rechargeable batteries that will be accepted are:

  • alarm/clock radios
  • blender bases
  • calculators
  • cameras
  • CD drives/hard drives
  • coffee machines
  • computer keyboards
  • cordless phones
  • digi-boxes
  • drills
  • DVD players
  • electric toothbrushes and chargers
  • electric whisks and mixers
  • extension cables
  • hair straighteners
  • hair trimmers
  • hairdryers
  • handheld vacuum cleaners
  • heater
  • irons
  • kettles
  • lamps
  • miscellaneous power tools
  • modems
  • paper shredders
  • personal stereos
  • phones and mobile phones (including base stations and handsets)
  • printed circuit boards
  • printers
  • radios
  • remote controls
  • scanners
  • shavers/razors
  • small stereos
  • speakers
  • toasters
  • torches
  • toys
  • TV aerials and aerial boosters

Items with screens, such as laptops and televisions, cannot be collected at the kerbside as part of these collections. They should be taken to a household waste recycling centre or collected through the bulky waste collection scheme