Using hire vans or trailers at the Household Waste Recycling Centre (tip)

Using hire vans or trailers at the reuse and recycling centre (tip)

When you can use a hire van or trailer at the tip, when you can bring a van or trailer to the tip, what you'll need to bring with you.

You can only visit the recycling centres at St Philips and Avonmouth in a car or small van. Transit style vans and vehicles with trailers aren’t allowed at this time.

Find out more about when and how you can visit a recycling centre on our main tips and recycling centres page.

You don’t need a permit for a hired van or trailer if the hire agreement is for three days or less.

If the hire is longer than three days you can’t use it for visiting the tip. Find out more at business waste and recycling.

You can bring a hire van and trailer to the tip any time during normal opening hours

You’ll need to bring:

  • your vehicle hire agreement
  • a council tax or utility bill from the last three months
  • your photo card driving licence

If you arrive in a Car Club or Zipvan vehicle you'll only be asked for proof of address (preferably council tax bill or driving licence) to be able to use the site. 

Find more information on what we take and limits on DIY and construction waste.

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