How to become a Sugar Smart school and presentations to download for school assemblies.

Many of us are consuming too much sugar. This is increasing levels of:

  • tooth decay
  • obesity
  • type 2 diabetes

Recent data from Public Health England shows that, in Bristol:

The average five year old eats their body weight in sugar in just one year.

We've teamed up with the SUGAR SMART campaign run by Sustain and are working in partnership across the city to look at what we can all do at home, in schools, in work and in shops, restaurants, cafes and takeaways.

What schools can do

Children spend six hours a day, 30 hours a week, 1,170 hours a year in school. Children may have up to two meals a day in school.

Take the pledge and become a Sugar Smart school

Bristol Healthy Schools are asking schools in Bristol to pledge to be a Sugar Smart School.

We're asking schools to make at least four of the seven pledges below to become a Sugar Smart School:

1. Our school will have three Sugar Smart Assemblies per school year. 

We've produced three assemblies for schools to use focusing on drinks, snacks and cooking from scratch.

Follow the guidance notes on each slide as these will give you extra information, other resources to use, answers to questions and examples of how you can adapt the slides. 

Adapt to suit your pupils where needed. 

2. Our school will promote the Sugar Smart logo and key messages in our school website, the school newsletter and in and around school.

To get the logo, email

3. Our school will follow the National School Food Standards Go to (opens new window).

4. Our school will have a Sugar Smart school Breakfast club. To do this we'll do at least two of the following:

  • have at least two days with no sugary toast toppings, and opt for toppings like mashed banana, marmite, eggs, cheese, soft cheese, low sugar baked beans, spaghetti hoops, tomatoes, avocados, mushrooms, hummus, tuna, mackerel, ham or tofu
  • offer plain, natural yogurts with fruit rather than sugary flavoured yogurts

The school will also have to follow National School Food Standards Go to (opens new window), set out on the Children's Food Trust website, for food other than lunch.

5. Our school will actively promote and encourage Sugar Smart drinks, by providing only water and milk throughout the school site.

6. Our school will have Fruity Fridays, with everybody in school bringing and buying only fresh fruit and veg and Sugar Smart drinks as a snack.

7. Our school will promote Sugar Smart to staff through two interventions, for example this could include leafleting, creating staff challenges, or promoting fruit and water.

If you'd like to pledge, email to let us know the four pledges you're making.

What happens next

Healthy Schools will confirm your pledge. Your school must provide quarterly updates on progress.

Sugar Smart is also part of the Dental Health Badge, so in committing to Sugar Smart you're also on your way to achieving the Dental Health badge.

Sugar Smart resources