Free services to support children with SEND up to age four, and how to refer.

We offer a home visiting educational and support service called portage for children from birth to four years old with SEND through a referral service. We provide:

  • home visits for families either weekly, fortnightly or monthly, depending on the child's needs
  • help for families to coordinate their child's care and learning
  • a weekly drop in group called Rainbows for parent and carers with a child who has special educational needs and disabilities

Portage supports your child through play by:

  • helping you and your child learn and play together
  • providing targets that support your child to develop
  • providing ideas for play and teaching activities
  • supporting you in developing your knowledge about special educational needs
  • helping your child get ready for moving onto the next stage of their education, such as starting nursery

How to refer

We accept referrals from parents and any professionals working with the child's family.

Fill in the document Early years portage and inclusion team referral form (130 KB) .

To return the referral to us you must follow our pdf secure email guidance (235 KB) .

Email completed applications to

If your child needs more support 

If your child needs support from other professionals, your early years portage and inclusion specialist will:

  • help you identify the services you need
  • support you in accessing appropriate early education opportunities
  • help your child transfer to a setting by making sure the practitioners are aware of your child's needs 


If you have any queries about the Early Years Portage and Inclusion Service you can email