What to do when you get your child's final Education, health and care (EHC) plan.

When we issue the final EHC Plan, it will describe:

  • your child’s strengths and needs 
  • the special educational provision (Section F)
  • outcomes, describing what we expect your child to achieve
  • the type of school and the name of the school which your child will attend

We will issue the final EHC plan to you and all the professionals involved within 20 weeks of your request for a statutory Education Health and Care Needs Assessment. 

If you’re unhappy with your child or young person's final plan, speak to the SEND Officer. Normally, any concerns you have should have been resolved following the issuing of the Draft EHC Plan.

If you still have concerns that we have not been able to resolve you have extended rights of appeal to the First-Tier Tribunal (Special Educational Needs and Disability).

When we issue your child’s EHC plan

Once your child or young person has an EHC Plan it is a legal document that must be followed.

Their education setting and any external agency professionals will support and monitor your child or young persons progress.

 Your child or young persons education provider will put the provision (Section F) in place. You can ask them for a meeting to go through what they’ll do.

We will make sure transport arrangements are put in place, if we’ve agreed your family is entitled to assistance.

We will arrange for funding to be transferred to your child’s education provider if there are additional costs associated with the specified provision in your child or young person’s EHC plan.

Your child or young person’s EHC Plan will be reviewed through an Annual Review Meeting once within, every 12 month period for children over 5 years and once every 6 months for children under 5 years.

When we review the EHC plan

We’ll review your child’s EHC plan at least once a year, starting from the date of the final EHC plan. Your child’s education provider is responsible for arranging and inviting you and your child to the Education, health and care plan review meeting, and all other relevant professionals.

You, the school or any education, health or social care practitioner can ask for an interim or emergency review if your child’s needs increase or their circumstances change significantly. This is to make sure that your child’s needs and the provision to meet their needs is suitable, and that this is shown in their EHC plan.

Information on Annual Reviews

If you move house

If you move, we can transfer the EHC plan and the council in your new area must provide the same support. 

If your child’s EHC plan specifies that they need to go to a certain type of education setting, the council in your new area can review this with you.