How to find work for young people with SEND, and how volunteering can help you develop your skills.

The benefits of having a job

Having a job allows you to:

  • earn money
  • be independent 
  • feel valued
  • find fulfilment 
  • make friends

Mencap have made a video about the benefits of having a job, what having a job means to me Go to (opens new window).

Finding work

You can get help to find work:

Volunteer to develop your skills

Volunteering can help you learn the skills you need to find paid work. You don't get paid to volunteer and it shouldn't affect your benefits. Scope have explained how volunteering could affect your benefits Go to  (opens new window) .

Volunteering is a great way to: 

  • get a reference for paid work
  • make friends
  • learn new skills for work 
  • do something positive for your community

 Find volunteering opportunities in Bristol 

You can find volunteering opportunities :