What mental health is and where to go for help for young people with SEND.

Mental health and wellbeing help

If you need urgent help, call Childline for free on 0800 1111 open every day, 24 hours a day, or contact them on Childline website Go to https://www.childline.org.uk/get-support/contacting-childline/ (opens new window).

Mental health and wellbeing 

Mental health is about how we think, feel and behave. Your mental health is very important. 

Good mental health means you can:

  • cope with normal levels of stress 
  • be more independent 
  • learn to cope with difficult situations and events

When you don't feel well, you might feel:

  • sad
  • depressed
  • worried 
  • anxious
  • stressed
  • upset
  • angry
  • confused

This doesn't necessarily mean you have a mental illness. Lots of things can make us feel this way, such as being in pain or changes in our life. Sometimes we feel down for no reason at all. 

Information about mental health and wellbeing:

Asking for help

It's always okay to ask for help. Asking for help can feel hard at first, but reaching out for support can help you to: 

  • find support to help with how you're feeling
  • feel like you're not alone
  • share how you feel with someone you trust
  • understand your feelings better
  • stop things from getting worse

Where you can go for help with your mental health

You can get support from: