How and where A-boards can be placed on our pavements and roads.


We have introduced guidelines applying to any A-boards placed on pavements and footways.

We support businesses as key drivers for the local economy and recognise that in order for businesses to thrive and grow they must promote and advertise themselves.

However, there has been a trend for more A-boards over recent years, with these getting bigger and sometimes placed in unsafe locations. This poses difficulties for:

  • pedestrians
  • pushchair users
  • people with disabilities.

We need to strike a balance between allowing the important need of businesses to advertise whilst protecting and enhancing the street environment for pedestrians to encourage walking as a healthy mode of travel.

We have adopted A-board guidelines providing advice about how and where A-boards should be placed on public footways or highway land.


Enforcement action will be taken where these guidelines are not complied with under existing Highway Law.

The guidelines on A-boards leaflet notifying businesses and the public of the guidelines are being distributed across the city through the Neighbourhood Partnerships, the business community and being made available at various public locations.

Inspection rounds began during October 2011. Businesses displaying A-boards not meeting the guidelines will be asked to remove their A-board or sign and notified of the guidelines on A-boards.

Businesses, which do not remove offending A-boards, will receive a Letter Before Action notifying them that we will remove their A-boards if action is not taken, which will be carried out following the serving of a legal notice.

If you would like any help or advice on the guidelines please contact us.