If you're a registered social landlord or a local authority with your own housing stock, we can help you with tenancy fraud detection and prevention.

What we can help you with

  • data matching exercises, such as the National Fraud Initiative
  • a review of your processes and fraud policy to help protect you from tenancy fraud
  • a fraud hotline service
  • investigations of tenancy fraud: such as illegal subletting, non-occupation or false right to buy applications
  • civil proceedings: where investigations require civil action
  • training: from one day courses to full on- site assistance to set up your own tenancy fraud team
  • conference speakers


We can give you a quote based on the number of properties you have, and your specific requirements.

Contact us

Email: tenancy.fraud@bristol.gov.uk  or call 0117 35 25541

About us

We have been proactively tackling tenancy fraud since 2010 and have a proven track record of delivering results. With over 27,000 of our own Council Houses to keep an eye on we have plenty of experience in dealing with all aspects of tenancy fraud

Annual fraud report January 2016