Find out about the Housing Support Register

About the Housing Support Register (HSR)

The Housing Support Register (HSR) is an online application for professionals to make referrals to supported housing or housing related support and for services to access waiting lists and applicant details.

It's a single point of access for referring an applicant to multiple services, making the process quicker and easier.

Services available via the HSR are commissioned by the Housing Policy and Contracts Team which is part of the People Directorate.

The HSR assists the Housing Policy and Contracts Team in identifying the support requirements in Bristol, helping identify any gaps or over provision in supply and managing the budget more effectively.

Registered referrers can log on to the system to refer a client for accommodation or floating support, update their details or to monitor progress.

Accommodation and floating support services can log on to view and manage their waiting lists.

Benefits of the HSR

  • A more efficient and easier to use process for service users who want to access or be referred to a housing related support service.
  • A fairer and more equitable system for referrals.
  • A Single Point of Access Team able to offer HSR specific support
  • Allow professionals to reduce the time spent completing application forms, which can be used in other ways.
  • The on-going collection of data to help develop best practice, to commission the most appropriate and value for money services and to assist in strategic planning.
  • Better, clearer information about related services available to all via the Internet.
  • Partnership working.
  • Providers have access to a reporting suite, helping to monitor equalities, void times, acceptance and placement outcomes.

How to access supported accommodation

If you're homeless or at risk of homelessness and have support needs, you'll need to discuss this with your support worker or any professionals you have contact with. If you're eligible they can refer you to the HSR or the Housing Advice Team. You can also visit our Citizen Service Point.

See pdf Eligibility Criteria (105 KB) for more details about who can apply.

How to access housing related floating support

If you'd like to be referred for housing related floating support (support only, not accommodation) you can contact one of the following services for more information.

Generic Support

  • Bristol City Council Tenant Support Service, 0117 352 1800

Mental Health Support

  • Places for People, 0117 970 4542
  • St Mungos, 0117 954 2951
  • Missing Link (women only), 0117 925 1811

Support for Young People

1625 Independent People, 0117 317 8800

Support for Young Parents

Bristol Young Parents Alliance (Places for People), 0117 955 9792

Guidance for HSR users

HSR Service Directories

The directories include descriptions of every service on the HSR. They outline which services come under the heading of emergency, high, medium and low support as well as entry criteria and details about the support provided. You can use this as a point of reference before referring any clients to avoid inappropriate referrals.

pdf Housing Support Register Directory: All HSR Services (1.10 MB)

pdf Housing Support Register Directory: Floating support (331 KB)