If you sell or lease your licensed premises to a new owner, you must transfer the premises licence.

This only changes who the new premises licence holder is and doesn't change the licence in any other way.

The application to transfer the licence must be completed by the new premises licence holder. Only the current licence holder can give consent to transfer a premises licence.

Not all listed business owners have to sign the transfer form. The form can be completed in the company name and signed by a person who has significant control over the business such as director or manager.

You must be over 18 to apply.

Cost of transferring a gambling licence

The cost of transferring a premises licence for gambling depends on the type of gambling business:

  • Existing Small Casino: £1,205
  • Bingo: £1,115
  • Non-track betting: £1,115
  • Track betting: £860
  • Adult gaming centres: £1,115
  • Family entertainment centre: £860

Transfer a gambling premises licence

You must complete and return:

  • application for a transfer of a gambling premises licence
  • notice of application for a transfer

You must also:

Application for the transfer of a gambling premises licence

Complete and return the  document GA6 application for the transfer of a gambling premises licence form. (106 KB)

You'll need to include:

  • plan of the premises
  • existing premises licence
  • cheque or postal order for the correct fee made to Bristol City Council

Notice of application for a transfer 

There are two versions of notices for a transfer of a gambling licence.  Complete and return the one that applies to you:

What happens next

There is a 28 day representation period from the date you apply.  After this has ended if there haven't been any representations from responsible authorities or relevant persons, then we'll grant the licence. We'll issue the licence shortly after.

If there is representation from a responsible authority or interested parties then the licensing committee will need to look at your application.  

We'll arrange a hearing with the licensing committee within 20 working days from the representation period end date. If a hearing is held a licence will be granted, granted with some extra conditions or refused.

Consent to the gambling premises licence 

You can assume your application has been granted after the 28 day consultation period has ended unless you've heard from us that there have been representations from responsible authorities or interested parties. This is called tacit consent.