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Statement of accounts and reports from our external auditors, summary of accounts.

Statement of accounts

External audit of accounts: year ended 31 march 2023

Publication of Bristol City Council Statement of Accounts and Audit Opinion

The Accounts and Audit (England) Regulations 2015

The Accounts and Audit Regulations 2015 require that the audited accounts and opinion is published by 30 September 2023. As at 30 September, the Council’s external auditor, Grant Thornton UK LLP, has not yet concluded the audit.

The delay has arisen due to a combination of factors, including both the complexity of the audit and pace at which it can be completed, the inherent complexity of the Council’s 2022/23 statement of accounts and the increased assurance work that auditors are required to carry out nationally with respect to pensions and asset valuations.

The Council is continuing to work closely with the audit team as they complete their work. In line with the Accounts and Audit Regulations 2015, the Council has published a set of draft accounts. The Council will publish a final set of accounts as soon as the audit is concluded, and the Audit Report issued.

This notice of delayed audit is being published in accordance with Regulation 10, paragraph (2a) of the Accounts and Audit Regulations 2015.

Denise Murray – Director of Finance (S151 Officer)

These documents provide information for recent years on the council's income and expenditure during the year and balances at the year end. The documents are detailed and are prepared in accordance with the accounting recommendations which apply to all local authorities.

pdf Notice of public rights of inspection (25 KB) .

Audit closure certificates

Audit reports and inspection letters

These provide information about the statutory audit of the accounts by the council's external auditors. The council has again received an unqualified audit opinion on its latest accounts.

Annual governance statement

This statement explains how Bristol City Council endeavours to deliver good governance and reviews the effectiveness of these arrangement.