How the Committee Model Working Group was formed, what it does, how to get involved.

How we made established the Committee Model Working Group

In May 2022, Bristol voted in a referendum to move from the existing mayoral model to a committee model of governance. This will take effect from 5 May 2024.

At the May 2022 meeting of Full Council, councillors agreed to set up a cross-party working group to develop the committee model. This is called the Committee Model Working Group (CMWG).

What the CMWG does

The CMWG is responsible for developing the structure of the new model. This includes:

  • reviewing the functions of all council committees
  • making any changes to ways of working
  • undertaking a range of engagement activities with the public

Members of the CMWG

The CMWG includes representatives of all political parties.  The current membership is:

  • Councillor Helen Holland (Chair)
  • Councillor Jenny Bartle (Vice-Chair)
  • Councillor Nicola Beech 
  • Councillor Marley Bennett 
  • Councillor Richard Eddy 
  • Councillor Lorraine Francis 
  • Councillor Geoff Gollop  
  • Councillor Gary Hopkins 
  • Councillor Tim Kent 
  • Councillor Mo Makawi 
  • Councillor Steve Pearce 
  • Councillor Guy Poultney 

Upcoming events

Tuesday 13 December 2022

The CMWG are taking a report to Full Council to give an update. The report will be published on Friday 2 December and you'll be able to read it online. You can watch the meeting live on YouTube.

Previous events

Thursday 27 October 2022

The CMWG  reported to the Overview and Scrutiny Management Board (OSMB) setting out progress to date. You can watch the meeting recording on YouTube.

Get involved

We'll be promoting future engagement sessions through:

  • this web page
  • social media channels
  • councillors
  • the council's community networks

Email to:

  • join our mailing list for upcoming engagement events
  • share any questions or suggestions with the CMWG