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Council meeting dates, membership, agendas, reports, minutes and webcasts.

How we hold public meetings

Public meetings are held at City Hall including:

  • Cabinet
  • Full Council
  • regulatory meetings, where planning and licensing decisions are made
  • scrutiny

Covid-19 safety measures for attending public meetings at City Hall

All attendees to public meetings are asked to:

  •  wear a face covering in venues with limited ventilation or large groups of people
  • follow good hand hygiene, washing and disinfecting hands frequently

Government advice remains that anyone testing positive for COVID-19 should self-isolate for 10 days, unless they receive two negative lateral flow tests on consecutive days from day five.

Please do not attend a Council Meeting if you: 

  • are suffering from symptoms of COVID-19 or
  • have tested positive for COVID-19 

Members of the press and public who wish to attend City Hall are advised that you may be asked to watch the meeting on a screen in another room, due to the maximum occupancy of the venue.

Find council meetings and documents

Find council meeting

Documents including agendas for a meeting are available five clear working days before a meeting not including despatch day and meeting day.

You can also download the app to see details of meetings and set up automatic alerts that will let you know about items on meeting agendas in your ward and committees of interest.

Download at:

Have your say at council meetings

pdf How to have your say at meetings'reference guide (431 KB) explains the different council meetings and what they're for.  It includes guidelines for presenting a petition, statement or question at a meeting and how you will get a response.

pdf How to have your say at Development Control Committees (96 KB) explains the need to make written statements before the meeting and how you can speak at the meeting.

Hard copies of documents

You can see hard copies of previous agendas, reports, minutes and decision sheets at:

Bristol Archives
B Bond Warehouse
Smeaton Road
Bristol BS1 6XN
Tel: 0117 922 4224

You can see hard copies of agendas for future meetings at:

City Hall Reception
College Green

Webcasts of council meetings

Some meetings are video streamed to improve openness, understanding and accountability of local decision making. These meetings are streamed live and are also available on-demand within 48 hours of the meeting.

See live and on-demand webcasts Go to (opens new window) on our YouTube page.

Videos are made available for public viewing for four years after the date of the meeting.

Photography, filming and social media use in meetings

People coming to open meetings can:

  • film
  • audio record
  • take photographs
  • use social media.

Commentary to filming is not allowed during meetings.  If you're going to a meeting you may be filmed by others at the meeting.

Read 'A guide for the press and public on attending meetings of local government'  from GOV.UK.

Contact information

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Bristol City Council
PO Box 3399
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8.30am to 5pm, Monday to Thursday
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