The role of Mayor and Cabinet and decisions they can take.

Every year, the Mayor forms a Cabinet. The Cabinet is made up of the Mayor Marvin Rees and Cabinet members.

The Cabinet's role is to:

  • provide leadership
  • propose the budget and policy framework
  • implement policy through strategic directors.

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The Mayor

The Mayor has ultimate responsibility for all major policy decisions.  Whilst some of this responsibility may be delegated to, or shared with Cabinet members, the Bristol Mayor currently retains this function.

The Mayor makes 'executive' decisions within the budget and policy framework set by Full council. Executive decisions are only made by the Mayor that:

  • are more than £500,000 spending or savings or
  • have an impact on more than one ward

These decisions are taken in public at Cabinet meetingsHealth and Wellbeing Board and Learning City Partnership Board meetings.  

Cabinet members

Cabinet members are councillors with special responsibilities over an area of the council's activities, such as, neighbourhoods or transport. Their area of responsibility is known as their portfolio. 

Cabinet members may work with council officers and others to develop policy within their portfolio, which then comes to Cabinet for formal approval.

The Cabinet decides the council's key policies.

  • Mayor Marvin Rees
    • City Policy, Strategic Planning and Communications, Council Plan
    • External Relations
    • Major projects
    • Development management
    • The Harbour
    • Devolution
    • UN Sustainable Development Goals
    • Civil Contingency Planning - Planning and control
    • Air Quality and Clean Air Plan
    • Sport and leisure
    • City Office and Bristol One City Plan
    • City Funds
    • Regulatory and Licensing function
    • All other executive functions not otherwise listed within Cabinet portfolio listed below
    • Any executive functions that the Mayor may wish from time to time to have reserved to himself or to be discharged in a different manner to the general delegation arrangements described below
  • Councillor Craig Cheney, Deputy Mayor - City Economy, Finance and Performance
  • Councillor Asher Craig - Children's Services, Education and Equalities
  • Councillor Marley Bennett - Waste, Climate, Ecology and Just Transition
  • Councillor Helen Holland - Adult Social Care and Integrated Care System
  • Councillor Kye Dudd - Housing Services and Energy
  • Councillor Tom Renhard - Housing Delivery and Homelessness
  • Councillor Don Alexander - Transport
  • Councillor Ellie King - Public Health and Communities
  • Councillor Nicola Beech - Strategic Planning, Resilience and Floods