Barton House evacuation: information for residents.

What it is, current projects and the One City Plan.

Bristol One City

The Bristol City Office encourages partners from across the city to come together and contribute to the immediate and long term challenges facing Bristol.

The City Office created the Bristol One City Plan that describes where the city wants to be by 2050 and how city partners can work together to create a fair, healthy and sustainable city. 

The One City Plan has six themed aims and supporting boards working together to deliver on projects that will improve Bristol:

  • Children and young people
  • Economy and skills
  • Environment 
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Homes and communities
  • Transport

Bristol One City Approach

By city partners working together, the One City Approach encourages collaboration across sectors. By working on shared goals, across sectors we aim to reduce inequalities in society. 

The Bristol City Office helps people get involved in the One City Approach. Visit the Bristol One City website to find out about the One City Plan and Dashboard, One City strategies, alignment with UN Sustainable Development goals and ways to get involved. 

Bristol One City Plan

First launched in 2019 by Mayor Marvin Rees, the plan sets out our city's key challenges up to 2050, bringing the city together around a shared vision. Read the third iteration of the One City Plan on the One City website

Cost of living crisis plan

As One City we've developed an approach that sets out how we're working together as a city to support the communities most impacted by the rise in the cost of living, particularly over the coming winter months.

It builds on the hundreds of groups, clubs, and community activities that go on in Bristol every week. The One City Cost of Living Approach will contribute to four key themes:

  • immediate emergency and welfare support
  • maximising household income and reducing living costs
  • keeping well
  • community assets and community wealth building

The approach sets out three principal stages to our response to the cost of living crisis:

  • assessing impact
  • mapping community and civic assets
  • coordinated action

Read the full pdf One City cost of living approach (572 KB) .

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