You can find information about your local area using ours apps and data.

My Neighbourhood

My neighbourhood shows information about your local area.

You can search for an address and view information about that property such as:

  • school catchment area
  • resident's parking scheme area
  • solar potential

You can also identify your nearest facilities, such as community centres.


Pinpoint allows you to view information on a range of subjects and interests.

This information includes such topics as:

  • Polling Districts
  • Advice Agencies
  • Schools
  • Conservation Areas
  • Council Property
  • Allotments
  • Clean Air Zone
  • Resident Parking Zones

Know Your Place

Know Your Place puts your neighbourhood's heritage on the map. Discover historic monuments and objects in local collections.

You can see how an area has changed over time by viewing historic maps, and your own stories and photos.

Open Data

Open Data Bristol gives you access to a range of Bristol related datasets.

Some of the themes include:

  • Community and housing
  • Transport and streets
  • Health and social care

Data formats

You can download the data free of charge in a variety of formats like CSV, Shapefile and GeoJSON.

Data use

The data may be used for any purpose permitted under the data licence for that dataset.