Have your say, get involved with council decisions and local issues.


A consultation is a formal process where we ask for your views to help us make a decision on a specific topic. We consider what you say and use this, along with other information.

Go to the Consultation Hub

Our Consultation Hub lets you search for current consultations to take part in.

Keep informed

Sign up to the ASK Bristol ebulletin for a fortnightly email about new consultations and other opportunities to have your say.

You can also follow us on our ASK Bristol twitter.

When a consultation has finished

Visit Ask Bristol to see finished consultations.

After a consultation has finished we'll publish the feedback and how it's been used in the final decision.

Our code of conduct

We're committed to following the pdf code of good practice on consultations (199 KB) .


A petition is a formal way for you to give your views on a topic that interests you.

Anyone who lives, works or studies in Bristol can start or sign a petition. There's no age limit; children and young people can sign and start petitions. 

If the petition gets 3,500 signatures you'll have the opportunity to debate your petition in a full council meeting.

Petitions sent to us can inform decisions and lead to change. For example, a petition can:

  • bring an issue to our attention, such as traffic calming measures or a new public swimming pool
  • show strong public approval or disapproval to something that we are doing

Sign a petition

Sign an online petition

Our e-participation system lets you view and support current online petitions. 

Start a petition

Before you start a petition read our petition guide.

Start an online petition

Other ways to start a petition

You can also start petition on paper. This can be on its own or along with an online petition.

Our pdf petition template (11 KB) will be useful for collecting signatures for a paper petition but you can use your own.

All paper petitions must follow our petition guide. The finished petition can be sent to us by post or presented at a council meeting.

By post

Paper petitions can be sent to:

Democratic Services
City Hall
PO Box 3399

Presented to a council meeting

Petitions can be presented at a council meeting. These meetings take place approximately every 6 weeks. Dates and times can be found on our committee meeting finder.

If you would like to present your petition to the council contact us on 0117 922 2384 or send a mail to democratic.services@bristol.gov.uk.

If you want your councillor to present your petition at a council meeting for you then you'll need to contact them. You can find your councillor's details on our councillor finder.

Contact us at least 10 working days before the meeting so we can give advice on your petition.