How we're monitoring our work, sharing data, attracting funding, and taking part in national action to respond to the climate emergency.

What we've done so far

Data we're sharing

Since 2020, we've reported the city's emissions against internationally recognised standards, through the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

We continue to account for and publish our own emissions data:

We developed and published the Keep Bristol Cool Mapping Tool to better understand future temperature increases in Bristol. This helps policy makers, architects, emergency planners and other professionals to plan better.

We worked with the Met Office to develop the Bristol Climate Pack, which describes how different climate change scenarios would affect Bristol. This will help better planning.

Funding we're getting and investing

Bristol City Leap

We've created City Leap Energy Partnership, to attract £1 billion of investment in the city's energy system.

By 2029, this will:

  • attract £771 million of investment
  • create around 1,000 jobs
  • avoid around 150,000 tonnes of carbon emissions across the city

Through working with 3Ci, involving the Core Cities, we want to get investment in city decarbonisation, by showing the huge opportunity for investment in a low carbon economy across the UK.

This will:

  • help reduce emissions
  • stimulate the entire market and supply chain
  • lead to innovation and cost reductions

Encouraging this investment towards Bristol will help us reach our climate goals.

Bloomberg Philanthropies' Youth Climate Action Fund

We are also receiving nearly £40,000 ($50,000) through the Bloomberg Philanthropies' Youth Climate Action Fund which will be distributed as grants to fund a range of youth-led climate initiatives.

The grants will be offered to young people aged between 15-25 years old, who will be able to design and deliver their own climate solutions across Bristol. If the funding is used within the first six months, we could receive an extra £79,580 ($100,000).

Bristol are one of 100 cities who have been picked to take part in this programme, with only one other city being from the UK.

We'll share more details about the application in May 2024.

In the meantime, contact with any questions.

National action we're involved in

We continue to chair the Core Cities Low Carbon Energy and Resilience Hub, which:

  • gives us a direct route to government
  • helps us combine our voice with those of the other 10 major cities (outside of London) in the UK

We continue to represent the Core Cities at the government's newly established Local Authority Net Zero Forum. We're talking to government departments about how to achieve net zero carbon emissions.

Mayor Marvin Rees attended the COP26 and 27 climate conferences.

What we're doing in the future

We'll continue to improve the way we monitor our carbon emissions in line with global best practice. This will include accounting for our indirect scope 3 emissions. These include emissions from:

  • the goods and services we buy
  • our business travel
  • the buildings we own that are used by somebody else, for example academy schools

We successfully applied for the European Union's Climate Neutral and Smart Cities Mission. This will support 112 cities to reach carbon neutrality by 2030, through:

  • tackling barriers
  • securing investment in decarbonisation

Cities across Europe share the challenges we face in Bristol. The main principles of the One City Climate Strategy include collaboration and learning.

We'll do this by sharing learning across the Mission Cities network and giving access to expert advice.